Apple announces new Magic Keyboard with larger trackpad, function row and more

At Apple’s recent “Let Loose” event, the tech giant unveiled its latest innovation: an updated Magic Keyboard, designed to complement the new iPad Pro models.

The updated Magic Keyboard aims to bridge the gap between tablet and laptop experiences for iPad Pro users. The larger trackpad, function row, and seamless integration with the iPad Pro promise enhanced productivity and a more comfortable workflow, especially for tasks like document editing, content creation, and multitasking.

Magic Keyboard

Updated $299 Magic Keyboard offers aluminum palm rest for maximum comfort, backlit keys, and more

Design and colors

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, offering greater portability without compromising on functionality. The keyboard’s sleek design and aluminum body make it a perfect match for the iPad Pro’s aesthetics.

Magic Keyboard colors

The Magic Keyboard is available in two colors that beautifully match the new iPad Pro: black with a space black aluminum palm rest and white with a silver aluminum palm rest.

Aluminum palm rest, backlit keys, and function row

For added comfort and durability, Apple has replaced the plastic palm rest with an aluminum one. Additionally, the Magic Keyboard features backlit keys with a scissor mechanism that delivers 1mm travel for a responsive, comfortable, and quiet typing experience.

Magic Keyboard backlit keys

One of the most significant updates to the Magic Keyboard is the addition of a function row. This new feature provides users with quick access to controls such as screen brightness, volume adjustment, play/pause, and more, improving overall usability and productivity.

Larger trackpad with haptic feedback

The updated Magic Keyboard boasts a larger glass trackpad with haptic feedback, offering users a more responsive and tactile typing experience. The trackpad’s increased size makes it easier to navigate and control the iPad Pro, further blurring the line between tablet and laptop functionality.

Compatibility and pricing

The updated Magic Keyboard comes in two sizes to perfectly match your iPad Pro:

  • 11-inch iPad Pro: This version is priced at $299.
  • 13-inch iPad Pro: This larger version retails for $349.

This ensures a perfect fit and optimal user experience regardless of your iPad Pro model.

Pre-orders are available now, with shipping set to begin next week.

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