MagSafe cable for M2 MacBook Air available to order in new colors

Apple has released new USB-C MagSafe 3 cables for the M2 MacBook Air that are color-matched with the new finishes of the laptop: Midnight, Starlight, and Space Gray.

M2 MacBook Air MagSafe

Apple releases 3 new colorways for MagSafe charging cable

Just as pre-orders opened for the M2 MacBook Air, Apple also dropped matching USB-C to MagSafe cables for $49. The cable is now available to order in Midnight, Space Gray, and Silver to match your M2 MacBook Air. A Silver version of the cable is already available to order on Apple’s website now as it was released with the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

This 2-meter charge cable features a magnetic MagSafe 3 connector that helps guide the plug to the charging port of your Mac notebook. Pair it with a compatible USB-C power adapter to conveniently charge your notebook from a wall outlet and take advantage of fast-charging capabilities. The magnetic connection is strong enough to resist most unintended disconnects, but if someone trips on the cable, it releases so your Mac notebook stays put. An LED turns amber when the battery is charging and green when it’s fully charged. Made with a woven design for long-lasting durability.


Note that if you have placed an order for the M2 MacBook Air, you will receive a color-matched MagSafe cable in the box. However, in the case that you need a space to keep in your office or if you want it for travel, you can the option to purchase it separately.

The new Space Gray MagSafe cable will also allow 2021 MacBook Pro owners to finally use a cable that matches their laptop instead of having to use the Silver one that came in the box.

If you want the new cable today, you can be an extra $9 for same-day delivery. For consumers opting for free delivery, their cable should arrive on Tuesday, July 12. The new colors will also be available in retail locations from July 20.

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