iPad mini 6 users report charging issue after iPadOS 15.5 update, Apple is investigating

Users have been reporting issues with the iPad mini 6 not charging correctly after updating to iPadOS 15.5. Apple is aware of the issue and is investigating a fix, which might come in the form of a future software update. For now, Apple is advising service providers and retail staff to restart the affected iPad mini 6 models as a temporary solution.

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Restarting iPad mini 6 could temporarily fix charging issue

Users have been sharing reports of charging issues with iPad mini 6 on various online forums. Most of the reports say that the issue started happening only after iPadOS 15.5 update on the smaller iPad models.

MacRumors has obtained a memo that Apple sent to service providers and retail store staff, explaining to them that it is aware of the charging issue with the iPad mini 6 and is investigating a fix. The memo mentions that replacing the iPad mini 6 or its battery will not resolve the charging issue, which seemingly confirms that the issue is related to the iPadOS 15.5 update and could be fixed with a software update.

If you own an iPad mini 6, try restarting and replugging the charging cable to see if it resolves the problem. Otherwise, it would be wise to wait for a software update, before going to an Apple Store or authorized service center, as the chance of a replacement iPad mini model are slim since it would not fix the issue.

This is not the first major problem reported with the iPad mini 6. Users had previously reported issues with a weird jelly scrolling effect and LCD distortion and discoloration.

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