Veteran pilot says iPad mini 6 is an attractive upgrade with faster processor and more battery life

AppleInsider interviewed a veteran pilot, Scott Oglesby with over 35 years of flying experience about the usefulness of iPad mini in making domestic and overseas flights. Oglesby says that he can’t make a single flight without his iPad mini which efficiently delivers all the weather-related information and more in a single app.

iPad mini flight app

The ForeFlight app on iPad mini is all that a pilot needs for his journeys

Recalling the time when he started flying, Oglesby shared that none of the technology we have today was available back then and that resulted in a lot of papers to deal with. But now, all he needs is his iPad mini and ForeFlight app to make him fly across states and countries.

Scott has been using iPad mini for years, utilizing the app ForeFlight for all his journeys, especially when flying older aircraft with minimal modern technology.

“Whether it’s an aeroplane with older technology in it, or whether it’s an aeroplane with current technology,” says Oglesby, “I use the iPads for all my weather briefing, my flight planning, and even my cross country work.”

Oglesby says that this one app has replaced not only paper documents, but also phone calls to find out about the weather in different regions along his flightpath.

Speaking of the new iPad mini 6, Oglesby said it is an attractive upgrade because of a larger display, faster processor, and longer battery life. To conclude, he said that an iPad is a solid and reliable device.

“The biggest weakness of the iPad is heat, as in direct sunlight. If it warms up, it’ll shut off on me. That’s something I figured out a long time ago, and I just actually when I’m flying sometimes I just throw in a white coat over it and that takes care of that.”

“But that’s the only weakness I’ve found so far,” he says, “[iPad minis] are rock solid in their stability. Overall, iPad mini truly is an ideal device for certain pilots, and this redesigned version is a welcome improvement.

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