iPad mini 6 has a weird jelly scrolling effect when you scroll in portrait mode

iPad mini 6 is showing an odd jelly scrolling effect when users scroll in portrait mode. This means that half of the screen refreshes faster than the other side, which gives it a weird jelly effect.

The issue is not always visible in normal use, but it can become evident especially when scrolling web pages or documents with a lot of text. Some users have reported that it even exists in apps like Apple Music in portrait mode. The problem does not exist when the iPad mini 6 is used in landscape mode.

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Jelly scrolling effect in iPad mini 6 is ruining the user experience for some users

iPad mini 6 uses an LCD panel that refreshes at 60hz, similar to iPad 9 and iPad Air. This issue has not been reported on these iPad models, and neither on the iPad Pro models, which use an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate with ProMotion technology. Note that there are many users who have also reported zero issues whatsoever, even after this problem was brought to light.

The issue was first raised by Dieter Bohn from The Verge, who had received a review unit from Apple. He said that it is subtle and recorded a slow-motion video of it in which it seems very obvious. The right half the screen scrolls faster than the left half in portait mode. Interestingly, this issue has not been reported by any other iPad mini 6 review so far.

It is important to note that this issue is not an iPad mini-only issue and exists on other devices too. Users have shared the same happening on other devices like OnePlus 6 and even Galaxy Fold models. It just seems to be a bit more obvious on iPad mini 6 this time.

9to5Mac reports that a reader who took the iPad mini 6 to the Apple Store because of this issue found that all demo units in the Store had the same issue.

It is unclear whether this is hardware issue or a software issue. A software issue would mean that Apple could potentially reduce the jelly srolling effect to make it less obvious.

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