Market Enabler lets you access paid apps in Android Market

Android Market

A lot of Android users complain about the unavailability of paid apps in the Android Market, because they don’t live in the few areas where paid apps are available. If you happen to be one of those users, this can be easily fixed by using Market Enabler.

Market Enabler

What does Market Enabler do? Market Enabler is an application for rooted Android phones which lets you access paid application in the Android Market. Simply download the mentioned application, then run this adb command in command prompt:

adb install MarketEnabler_v3.0.8.apk

Once you do install Market Enabler, simply tap “Enable Paid Apps” to get full access to the paid applications in the Android Market.

Paid Apps in Market

It’s a simple solution for you guys to enjoy, while Google wakes up to the needs of Android users. We need paid applications to be available worldwide, how else will it be able to compete with other app stores, such as the iTunes App Store? Come on Google, we could really use full access on the Android Market?

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