Meta will introduce end-to-end encryption on Instagram and Messenger by 2023

Meta will push end-to-end encryption protection on Instagram and Facebook Messenger by 2023. The company had previously planned to roll out privacy protection by 2022 but has now delayed it by a year. Having said that, the company says that it is following a three-pronged approach that provides safety and privacy to users and continues to fight against child exploitation as requested by the law enforcement agencies.  Recently, Meta introduced support for end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp chat history


Meta delays the support of end-to-end encryption across its apps and develops strong safety measures 

Meta’s Global head of safety, Antigone Davis told Telegraph that the company is working on measures to protect users’ privacy and prevent harm. Although the company has delayed the support for end-to-end encryption across its social media platforms till 2023, it is developing measures to prevent abuse on the apps like Instagram and Facebook. As per the article, Meta is working on the following new technologies after consultation with privacy and safety experts, civil society, and governments. 

  1. Proactive detection technology will flag suspicious accounts based on their activities like repeatedly setting up new profiles, messages a large group of new people. Such accounts or users will be restricted or banned. In addition, accounts of under 18 users are set to private or friends only by default. 
  2. Behind-the-scenes technology will give people more control over who could message them. It will be an improved version of the existing filters on Direct Message requests on Instagram for offensive words and others. 
  3. Users will be able to not only report harmful messages but also prompt them if they think there could be a problem and the company will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions, if necessary. In extreme cases, the matter will be referred to the concerned law enforcement agency. 

Recently, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the launch of a nationwide investigation into Meta (former Facebook) for promoting Instagram in such a way that puts children and young adults at harm and the violation of consumer protection laws. The probe is based on the testimony of a whistleblower who claimed that Facebook (now called Meta) knew of the harmful impact of Instagram on teen girls but failed to make any changes. 

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