Microsoft Edge for Mac gets new sleeping tabs, themes, history and tab sync, and more

Microsoft Edge for Mac has been updated with new features, which include sleeping tabs, password generator, themes, tab and history sync, and more.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, Liat Ben-Zur announced on the official blog:

The start of the new year makes me appreciate our team’s progress and I’ve got to tell you, there’s a lot of great stuff coming in 2021! This month marks the one-year birthday of the new Microsoft Edge and to celebrate this milestone, you’ll see some beautiful new designs and visual themes so you can customize Microsoft Edge to reflect your unique personality. Thanks for your feedback and continued support over the last year!

Microsoft Edge for Mac

New features in Microsoft Edge for Mac

  • Sleeping tabs: To improve browser and system performance, Microsoft Edge introduces the new sleeping tabs.

“When you have several tabs open, it will release system resources for inactive tabs to help power new or existing tabs as well as other applications, preventing slowdowns and sluggishness. To get started, enable the sleeping tabs option in the browser settings menu. I just wish my kids would go to sleep by themselves at night. “ Microsoft Edge for Mac

  • Sidebar search: Without leaving the current or opened page, users can do a quick search for words, recipes, or other information via the new sidebar panel.

“While browsing web pages, simply highlight a word, right click and search. A side panel will open with search results so you can get quick answers” Microsoft Edge for Mac

  • Sync history and tabs: This new feature allows users to access information on Microsoft Edge for Mac across all devices signed with the same ID. Users can easily sync their history, tabs, passwords, favorites, and autofill information.

“To enable history and open tabs sync, go to the Edge settings < profiles < sync and turn on the toggles. You can view your history and open tabs by selecting the “history” option from the menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + H.”

  • Auto profile switching for macOS: Now Mac users will be able to conveniently maintain separate personal and work browsing profiles and switch between them.

“To get started, check with your local admin if automatic profile switch is enabled for your organization. If so, sign in with your Microsoft personal and work accounts and you’re ready to go.” Microsoft Edge for Mac

  • New Visual Themes: There are 24 new themes for users to customize their Microsoft Edge for Mac browser with. More themes will be added soon. The new themes are:
    1. Halo, Halo- Ghosts of Reach, Halo- Arrival, Halo- Haven
    2. Wandering Fields,
    3. The Mist,
    4. Gears x Luke Preece,
    5.  Forza,
    6. Satin Stacks,
    7. Wonder Woman 1984,
    8. Microsoft Flight Simulator,
    9. Sea of Thieves,
    10. Grounded,
    11. Ori,
    12. Will of the Wisps,
    13. Fortune Island,
    14. The Forest,
    15. Megalodon,
    16. Swallow’s Nest,
    17. Verdant Views,
    18. Howl,
    19. Spirit Willow,
    20. Howl,
    21. Gold Hoarder
    22. Ships of Fortune
    23. Steampunk Omen
    24. Winter Horizon

  • Updated icons: The new icons have a “rounder and softer” design.

“They are built from a consistent key-line and grid which allows for more visual consistency when scanning menus, lists, etc.”

  • Password generator: The new security and privacy improvement safeguards users against cybercrime like identity theft or hacking and allows users to shop online peacefully.

“With password generator, Microsoft Edge will automatically suggest a secure password when you’re changing an existing password or signing up for a new online account, automatically saving it to your browser autofill settings.” Microsoft Edge for Mac


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