Microsoft’s mobile game store launches in July, challenging Apple and Google

Microsoft has announced plans to launch its mobile game store in July, shaking up the mobile gaming landscape. This move directly challenges the dominance of Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, offering users a new alternative. The EU’s Digital Markets Act, which requires Apple to open its platform to third-party stores, partially fueled this decision.

Microsoft’s store will initially focus on the company’s popular titles before expanding to include offerings from other developers. Notably, the store will be web-based, allowing it to bypass restrictions imposed by app store policies and reach users across all devices and regions.

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At the Bloomberg Technology Summit, Xbox President Sarah Bond revealed that Microsoft’s mobile game store will debut in July. Unlike traditional app stores, Microsoft’s store will be web-based, allowing it to be accessible across all devices and countries, free from the constraints imposed by closed ecosystems.

“We’re going to start on the web,” Bond said. “And we’re doing that because that really allows us to have it be an experience that’s accessible across all devices, all countries, no matter what, independent of the policies of closed ecosystem stores, and then we’re going to extend from there.”

The store will launch with Microsoft’s own games, including popular titles like Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft. Users will be able to purchase in-game items and add-ons at a discount compared to Apple and Google’s platforms. The decision to start with a web-based store reflects Microsoft’s commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

Microsoft plans to extend the store to include offerings from other publishers in the future, providing users with a true cross-platform gaming experience. The move is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to establish a trustworthy app store grounded in the gaming experience.

Microsoft’s decision to launch a web-based store is in line with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which requires Apple and Google to allow third-party app stores on their platforms. By launching a web-based store, Microsoft aims to provide users outside the EU with access to its games and services.

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