Microsoft OneApp – hands on demo video

Microsoft OneApp is a new application that will allow feature phones ( phones which are not classified as smart phones ) to access web services and applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and the likes. It is being launched by Microsoft Unlimited Potential program for developing countries where not everyone can buy an iPhone or a Blackberry. To start with, it’ll launch in South Africa for users of Blue Label Telecoms as part of their service called ‘mibli’.

Demo video of Microsoft OneApp

Users will just have to install a small 150 KB app. The installation will be fast and easy and the processing will be done at the backend which will be the cloud and not the phone, hence offload the power requirements and providing great performance.Microsoft OneApp Silverlight Interactive Demo

To see how it’ll work you can check out the interactive demo in Silverlight on the Microsoft OneApp website or you can check out the video below from TechFlash which features a hands on demo.

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