Microsoft Web Platform Installer makes life simple. Download now!

Scott Guthrie just announced Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta or Web PI for short. It is a simple web based installer that makes available almost all popular web technologies whether Microsoft’s or not at your desktop. Not just that, it makes installing PHP and the likes easier than every on Windows. No more would you have to go through .ini file editing and various guides for different web applications and open source frameworks or runtimes. Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta

It had been available for quiet some time, but has actually become much more useful now due to the added support for more frameworks, runtimes and web applications. Complimenting Web PI is Windows Web App Gallery which is full of free web apps. Anyone can submit their app to the gallery provided they use their own hosting.Windows Web App Gallery

Microsoft has really opened up to all sorts of technologies and isn’t pushing their own down anyone’s throat. Choices are good and it’s great for Microsoft’s image. You can download the installer here.

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  2. Cool article. I’m really enjoying the Web Platform Installer. I actually just wrote a full review for it on my site – click my name to read :)

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  4. It’s great because it is Microsoft or is it great because you have a fast internet connection to do your install via the web.

    Couldn’t they at least allow a bundled package that you download … aaaarrrggghhhh

    Sorry guys, am in a place where internet speed is not exactly speed …

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