Microsoft: Windows Phone Marketplace Has 22,000 Apps, New Phones Announced [Updated, Video]

During the World Partner Conference, Microsoft announced that their Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 22,000 applications, and they also unveiled several new Windows Phone devices.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft confirmed rumors that the Windows Phone Marketplace has over 22,000 application in total, and it’s growing very fast. Even though, the number of apps is astonishing for such as new platform, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer did acknowledge that Windows Phone sales are very low. However, he also stressed that quality is more important than quantity.

Windows Phone Mango Devices

In addition to these announcements, the software giant also unveiled four new Windows Phone devices, nevertheless not much information was revealed. The only information we know (as of now) is that these devices are manufactured by Fujitsu (middle) , Acer (left side), ZTE (right side) and Samsung (check below). The Samsung device is said to have a front facing camera, which none other Windows Phone has and the Fujitsu phone is water proof. All four devices will run Mango, release dates were not given.

Samsung Windows Phone Mango Device

Update: You can get a better image of the phones by watching the video embedded below. (via Neowin)


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