Microsoft’s Emerging Filmmakers Project videos for Windows Media Center

These videos are from Microsoft’s Emerging Filmmakers Project made by students. “A Key Moment”, “Singing Antenna”, “Sports with Windows” and “TV+PC=Love” were some videos made for Windows Media Center by students involved in that project.

A Key Moment

This video has a key singing about Windows Media Center which turns into pleading to give it a try half way in between and ends with recommending Windows Vista. Begging people to use Vista and Windows Media Center? You be the judge.


Singing Antenna

From the YouTube video description

Think that your TV antenna’s only purpose is to stay plugged into your television set? After listening to the gentle ballad sung by this particular antenna, you might just change your mind. Check out this ode to Windows Media Center’s ability to help you watch TV on your PC, and you’ll never look at a television antenna the same way again.

A melodious one, the Singing Antenna has a really catchy tune to its song in which it sings about all the features supported by Windows Media Center.

Sports with Windows

From the YouTube video description

The Windows Media Center Sports Channel makes catching up with the latest sports news, highlights, and scores easier than ever. With the Windows Media Center Sports Channel, all you need is an internet connection and a copy of Windows Vista to get what you need for your sports fix in one easy place. This video will give you the lowdown on how to make the most out of your Windows Media Center Sports Channel, so make sure you check it out!

Totally focused on sports, as the name says, this one is very interesting and has different cut outs being moved around to show the spots features of Windows Media Center.



Although it should seem odd how a TV can fall in love with a PC that has a TV Tuner card, this video shows their love story in stop motion, in which the TV falls head over heals for the features of Windows Media Center.

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