Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case For iPhone 4

If you travel a lot and end up with low battery on your iPhone 4 regularly then Frostfire has a solution for you as they have just launched a hybrid solar battery case.The Mooncharge hybrid solar battery case is an innovative rechargeable battery concealed inside a protective hard case. It has options of  charging with both conventional USB method and solar energy.



After charging your case via USB or sunlight you can use it anytime to increasing the battery time of your iPhone. Its use is really simple; you have to just turn on the power and then the stored energy will almost double the life of your iPhone.

This case can provide an extra 315 hours on standby, 27 hours for more music, 10 hours more video and 5 hours of more talk time. If you are in a hurry, you can place the case in sunlight for 20 minutes which will give you an extra 50 minutes standby and 5 minutes more talk time. The four LED indicators on the case inform when you have low battery.

Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case is available from Frostfire for only $49.99 .

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