Netflix Basic with Ads to gain 1080p resolution and up to 2 streams with no additional cost

The cheaper Netflix Basic with Ads plan will be updated with higher quality resolution and more simultaneous streams.

In November 2022, Netflix launched its affordable ad-supported plan in select regions. For $3.99 per month, Netflix Basic with Ads shows up to 5 minutes of ads per hour while streaming videos ranging from 15 to 30 seconds each.

Ads are mostly personalized based on users’ information provided to Netflix and their watch history. Users can also report an. However, users can not fast-forward or skip the ads like on YouTube.

Netflix basic with ads

New changes in Netflix Basic with Ads will roll out this month

Currently, the video quality of Netflix Basic with Ads is 720p max and the company has been criticized for limiting the video quality.

Thus, Netflix has announced that it would be increasing the video quality of the Netflix Basic with Ads to 1080p with no additional cost in its Q1, 2023 earnings report. The company also said that subscribers will also be able to watch up to two streams simultaneously.

All new changes are available to Netflix Basic with Ads subscribers in Canada and Spain today and will be released in other compatible regions this month.

Netflix basic with ads

In its letter to investors, Netflix said that it was “pleased” with the progress of the affordable tier and that its total average revenue in the U.S. had already exceeded the standard plan. Addressing the lack of support for all content available on the service, the company detailed that the latest licensing deals have expanded the ad tier’s content library “on average ~95 percent content parity globally (by viewing) of the no-ads plans. 

Recently, the Disney+ Basic with ads plan launched with support for video streaming quality in full HD, HDR10, 4K Ultra HD, and Dolby Vision for $7.99 per month. Maybe in the face of competition, Netflix is improving its Basic with Ads plan to offer consumers better value. 

Recently, Netflix Basic with Ads plan was released on tvOS so users can video stream content on Apple TV set-top box.

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