New features for Windows Live Hotmail

HotmailHotmail is getting new features soon. We’ve heard about most of these before, but here’s a list of what to expect via the Windows Live Wire blog:

  • More storage in Hotmail. Start with 5 GB, and watch your storage grow, as you need it.
  • More themes in Hotmail (including some that change based on time of day or weather)
  • The top banner ad moved to the side.
  • Quickly add maps, directions, movie times and more to e-mail messages. It makes planning a night out so much easier. (UK and US-only, for the moment)
  • See “what’s new” updates from people in your network on Hotmail’s Today page.
  • Get Hotmail on your mobile phone’s e-mail program. POP3 access is becoming available to Hotmail users in the US and Brazil, in addition to the countries we told you about earlier.
  • Create e-mail signatures in HTML.
  • The People page has been re-organized.

No sign of Windows Live Web Messenger integration in these updates. I hope they haven’t dropped the feature. I didn’t like the integration from the screenshots, so maybe they’ll come up with something better. If you don’t see these features in your Hotmail account yet, wait for a couple of weeks since the features are rolled out gradually on all servers.

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  1. Still no SSL for webmail and still no URL that really shows me, what site i’m on – what is supposed to mean? Still a long way to go for Microsoft…

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