NordVPN app launches on tvOS offering secure streaming and private browsing

NordVPN has introduced a dedicated app compatible with tvOS 17, unlocking a new level of streaming convenience and online privacy. This development comes on the heels of Apple’s decision to support native VPN apps, allowing NordVPN subscribers to enjoy secure connections directly from their big-screen TVs.


NordVPN’s new Apple TV app unlocks global content libraries

The integration of NordVPN’s app with Apple TV means users can effortlessly access content from around the world. By bypassing regional restrictions, NordVPN allows subscribers to enjoy a diverse array of shows and movies not typically available in their home country. This functionality aligns with the broader trend of VPN-enabled streaming devices, providing users with unprecedented content flexibility.

The primary motivation behind using NordVPN on Apple TV revolves around privacy and security. With the NordVPN app, users can shield their online activities, IP addresses, and streaming habits from potential snoopers. By encrypting network traffic and employing the NordLynx protocol, NordVPN ensures a secure and stable connection. This not only protects users from potential exploits but also minimizes the risk of ISP throttling, enhancing the overall streaming experience.


The NordVPN app for tvOS offers a user-friendly experience, allowing subscribers to connect to servers in over 60 countries effortlessly. The “Quick Connect” feature automatically selects the nearest and fastest server, while users can also choose specific locations based on their preferences. The NordLynx protocol, built on WireGuard, positions NordVPN as one of the fastest consumer VPN services, ensuring minimal impact on connection speeds.

NordVPN’s entry into the Apple TV app arena follows ExpressVPN’s earlier move, signaling a growing trend among major VPN providers. This development provides consumers with a range of options for securing their Apple TV connections and enjoying content without geographical constraints. With the ease of app installation and compatibility with tvOS 17, users no longer need to navigate complex router configurations to leverage VPN services on their Apple TV devices. From the company:

We’re thrilled to announce that our NordVPN app is now available directly on Apple TV. In our efforts to make online privacy easily available to all users, we’ve designed a version of our app specifically for tvOS 17. It’s already in the App Store, easy to download and use.

Until now, you could also protect your Apple TV with NordVPN, but you needed to install it on your Wi-Fi router. No more extra steps in safeguarding your Apple TV — simply download the NordVPN app for tvOS and enjoy more privacy with a click of a button.

NordVPN Apple TV

As NordVPN establishes its presence on Apple TV, users eagerly anticipate similar releases from other VPN providers. While NordVPN’s tvOS app is currently available, the landscape may evolve with additional features, improvements, and potential offerings from competing services like Surfshark – NordVPN’s sister company.

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