Nothing CEO praises iPhone 14 Pro’s performance and camera in a rare honest review

Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing reviewed the iPhone 14 Pro, and he praised its high-quality camera and performance.

Pei is a Chinese-born Swedish entrepreneur and former co-founder of OnePlus. In 2020, he founded a new smartphone startup called Nothing in London, and in 2021, it launched “ear 1” and in the summer of 2022, it debuted “Nothing Phone 1”, a mid-range smartphone available in select regions.

iPhone 14 Pro

Pei is a fan of iPhone 14 Pro but not iOS 16

In a rare and very honest review, Pei discussed iPhone 14 Pro’s design, price, cost, camera system, and performance. He also analyzed the Nothing Phone 1‘s performance against iPhone 14 Pro.

Saying that he had been an Apple fan for the longest time, Pei’s first impression was the new iPhone 14 Pro was “very good” but believes the Dynamic Island was overhyped because it did not change the way he interacted with the iPhone, it’s just cool.

iPhone 14 Pro

He agreed that both iPhone 14 Pro and the Nothing Phone 1 have similar all-screen front and side buttons. However, the back and bottom speaker grills of both phones are different. Throwing some shade on Samsung’s fold design, he said that the slab or rectangular shape was “the most space-efficient way to build a phone.”

iPhone 14 Pro’s 120Hz display delivered a smooth scrolling experience, the A16 Bionic chip allowed him to enjoy League of Legends and its camera system is one of the best on any existing smartphone in the market.

iPhone 14 Pro

Having said that the one thing that Pei doesn’t like about the latest iPhone is its operating system, iOS 16. He believed that Apple’s design was very tight in terms of hardware and software and latest iOS version does not feel and look as good as iOS 7.

Comparing the 14 Pro against Nothing Phone 1, Pei said that Nothing Phone was a “capable” phone which can take good photos and performance as a mid-range price smartphone. But if consumers want the best smartphone with the best camera, they should opt for iPhone 14 Pro.

The best high-end smartphone in the market today is the iPhone 14 Pro, great camera, and great performance. However, he wants consumers to wait for next-generation iPhone 15 because iPhone 14 Pro was not too different from than iPhone 13 Pro.

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