Now You Can Run iOS Apps In A Web Browser!

A new service has been launched by Pieceable that lets you run any iOS application on a web browser. Yes, no iPhone, iPod or iPad needed. It works with most iOS applications. All you need is a native binary that can run on an iOS simulator and it should be good for Pieceable viewer. According to the company “No code changes need. Just build your app for the Simulator (rather than the Device), and upload your .app to us. We give you back a link to your app on the web.” Sounds good eh!


UIKit based applications work best. OpenGL and MapView based content runs but isn’t rendered – these will be better supported in a later version. iPad applications will also be supported in a later version.

Pieceable offers three service packages:

● Trial: Free, 1 simultaneous viewer, 1 application, App links expire in 1 hour

● Basic: $30/month, 3 simultaneous viewers, 5 applications, App links never expire

● Pro: $60/month, 10 simultaneous viewers, Unlimited applications, App links never expire

You can get more details at the official website here.

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