One UI 6 now allows for one-time passwords when sharing a hotspot, making it a safer method of sharing

Samsung’s latest update, One UI 6, introduces a revolutionary feature that enhances security and convenience: one-time passwords for mobile hotspots.

Level up your hotspot security with one-time passwords in One UI 6

In the past, sharing your hotspot password meant giving anyone access to your internet connection, potentially exposing your data and privacy. Thankfully, Samsung’s latest software update, One UI 6, brings a much-needed solution: one-time passwords for mobile hotspots.

Forget sharing your complex password repeatedly. One UI 6 allows you to generate temporary, unique passwords for each new connection. These passwords expire after a single use or a set time, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring your data remains safe.

One-time passwords bring:

  • Enhanced Security: Sharing a unique code for every connection significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized users accessing your hotspot.
  • Convenience: No more remembering and sharing complex passwords repeatedly, especially with people you only need to connect once.
  • Peace of Mind: You have greater control over who can access your internet and for how long.

Here’s How it Works

  • Enable the Feature: Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering > Mobile Hotspot.One UI 6 one-time passwords
  • Generate a Password: Toggle on the One-time password option and generate a new password whenever someone needs to connect.
  • Share the Code: Share the password verbally or through other secure means.One UI 6 one-time passwords
  • Connect and Disconnect: The recipient uses the unique code to connect to your hotspot. The password automatically expires after a set time or when the recipient disconnects.

One-time passwords for mobile hotspots are available on most Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI 6 (Android 14). This includes popular models like the Galaxy S23 series, Z Fold 5, and Flip 5.

If you haven’t already, update your Samsung Galaxy device to One UI 6 to enjoy the benefits of one-time passwords for mobile hotspots and other exciting features. By sharing your connection securely, you can help friends and family stay connected while protecting your privacy and data.

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