Download Orion app to turn iPad into a portable HDMI monitor

Orion is a revolutionary new app that turns any iPad running iPadOS 17 into an external HDMI display developed by Lux, the creators of the popular camera app Halide.

It is perfect for anyone who needs a high-quality display on the go, whether for business or pleasure.

Orion: Turns your iPad into portable HDMI monitor

Use iPad as a second monitor for gaming, streaming, and more with the Orion app

The Orion Video System app turns users’ iPads into an HDMI monitor with retro vibes. 

The new Orion app is a great way to extend the functionality of the iPad and use it as a second display for a computer, gaming console, camera, or other devices. It’s also a great way to share content with others or to use the iPad as a portable monitor for presentations and demos.


The Orion Video System app can be used to connect an iPad to any device that has an HDMI output, including:

  • Computers (Macs, PCs, etc.)
  • Gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, etc.)
  • Cameras (DSLRs, camcorders, etc.)
  • Retro consoles (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc.)
  • Other devices (DVD players, Blu-ray players, etc.)


How to use the Orion app 

To use the new Video System app, users will need an iPad with a USB-C port and iPadOS 17, USB-C video capture card and the Orion app.

Once everything is ready, simply connect the iPad to the video capture card via USB-C, and then connect the video capture card to the HDMI output of the device. Users will see the video feed from their device on their iPad screen.

  • Use the iPad as a second monitor for the computer: This can be useful for productivity tasks, such as multitasking between multiple windows or viewing reference materials while working on a document.
  • Use iPad as a portable monitor for gaming console: This is a great way to play games on a bigger screen when you’re traveling or don’t have access to a TV.
  • Use iPad as a monitor for the camera: This can be useful for checking framing, focus, and color when shooting videos or stills.
  • Use iPad as a portable monitor for other video devices, such as a VHS player or retro gaming console: This is a great way to enjoy the old video content on a larger screen.


Orion is a free app and users can also make a one-time $5 upgrade purchase to unlock more features like AI-powered 4K upscaling, CRT emulation for retro games, advanced image adjustments, and other tools Sebastiaan decides to add in the future. Orion is a versatile and powerful app that can turn your iPad into a valuable tool for a variety of tasks.

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