Philips Hue adds new HomeKit enabled smart lights: Lightguide bulb and more

Philips Hue has announced a new smart bulbs lineup compatible with HomeKit coming later this year including Lightguide bulbs, Filament candle bulbs and Slim downlight.

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home ecosystem which enables the users to control various smart home appliances and accessories around the home through Apple devices. Connected over the internet or cellular data, users can change the thermostat, lock the door, turn the lights on or off, play music, view outdoor cameras, and much more. Philip Hue’s smart home products compatible with the Apple HomeKit are controlled via the Hue app.

New Philips Hue smart HomeKit lights will launch in the fall

Powered by the Philips Hue app on iOS, the Bluetooth-enabled Hue smart lights and accessories enable users to create and control an organized smart home environment with a variety of customization options. Here are three more smart Hue bulbs coming out this fall.

  • Lightguide bulbs have a contemporary modern style design and will be available in three shapes: large globe, ellipse, and triangular. They feature a distinctive inner tube that diffuses light in any color and the glossy finish makes them shine even brighter. *Available Q4, 2022.

Lightguide bulbs are designed to be a statement piece that will complement the decor of any modern home and blend seamlessly with any of your favorite Philips Hue light scenes. To make them a real centerpiece, Lightguide bulbs can be matched with their very own specially designed pendant cord and metal holder.

Philips Hue

  • Filament candle bulbs in White ambiance will offer users thousands of shades to choose from, dimmable warm-to-cool light. *Available September

Philips Hue

  • Slim downlight features a canless design which enables the light to add color to any room, especially challenging areas where traditional “can-lights” can not. *Available September.

With the downlight’s slender profile, it’s easy to install into your ceiling and ideal for use in spaces with limited headroom and low or shallow ceilings. With 1200 lumens, the Philips Hue slim downlight is bright enough to fill your space with light, but it can also dim down low to help you adjust the atmosphere in your home.

Philips Hue

Previously, Philips Hue introduced a new Go portable table lamp, Signe gradient in oak option, tap dial switch, and updated the Hue app with wake-up morning sun automation, improved dashboard, and more.

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