Here is everything new in POKÉMON UNITE Halloween Festival

POKÉMON UNITE Halloween Festival is now live and till November 10, 2021, trainers will be able to enjoy new tricks and treats with lots of pumpkins on the Aeos Island, special bonuses, costumes, and much more. We have listed down all the new features in the POKÉMON UNITE Halloween Festival.

Pokemon Unite

POKÉMON UNITE Halloween Festival – All you need to know

From October 20 till November 10, trainers can indulge in all the spooky fun to celebrate Halloween in POKÉMON UNITE. Here are all the new ways they can enjoy the festival and master their skills.

Pumpkin attacks in Mer Stadium

Now trainers can attack their opposing Pokémon with pumpkins, the battle items button controls the new ‘Pumpkin Toss.’ If a pumpkin successfully covers a Pokémon, it will not be able to score and move by rolling, swiftly. The attacked Pokémon has a special move ‘Pumpkin Push’ to roll and smash into the opponent to push them aside or flee. However, the pumpkin only covers the opponent for a short time and it can hit your teammates too, so be quick to dodge.

Trainers can also earn collectible pumpkins in Mer Stadium’s festive battles which can be exchanged for limited-time Halloween items, only until November 10, 2021.

Pumpkin bonuses

From October 20 to November 7, trainers can earn pumpkins via daily log-in bonuses, and from October 24 to November 2, they will be able to collect pumpkins by completing daily missions. The earned pumpkins can be used to purchase items in the ‘Pumpkin Exchange’ like Battle Point boost cards, Halloween background and hat, a Greedent Unite license, and more.

For a limited time, Halloween-themed items are available in the shop including spooky fashion items to dress the trainer, and Pokémon Holowear: Costume Party Style: Lucario and Costume Party Style: Zeraora.

Greedent joins Pokémon UNITE

The eight-generation, berry-eating Pokémon ‘Greedent’ has joined Pokémon UNITE. Trainers can play as the belly-flopping Greedent to take on the opponent Pokémon.

Greedent is a Melee Defender, and it’s ready to unleash its unorthodox attacks against your opponents in battle. This Pokémon begins each match as Skwovet, which will evolve into Greedent at Lv. 5. An essential feature of Greedent’s gameplay and attacks is that it stashes Berries in its tail, later utilizing these Berries to help power attacks and restore HP. Each of Greedent’s moves involves consuming, dropping, or stashing Berries.

Pokemon Unite

Pokémon UNITE can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. It is also available on Nintendo Switch. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires 10.0 or later.

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