Posterous release App for Android

Posterous is one of the simplest blogging platforms out there, even simpler than tumblr. Posterous lets you blog from just about any OS/browser you can send an email from thanks to its great email publishing feature. But sometimes, you actually desire a dedicated app. Posterous had come out with an iPhone app sometime ago and today, they’ve released their first Android app.

Posterous App for Android 1

Posterous for Android makes sharing photos, videos or text extremely easy. It supports multiple Posterous blogs including private and group blogs so that you can keep them up to date from your phone. Settings like Autopost, geotagging and privacy are available in the mobile app so you wont find anything missing in this app. Posterous app even integrates with the share menu in Android OS allowing you to select any media and post it without leaving the app.

Posterous App for Android

If you think these features aren’t enough, Posterous have more planned for upcoming releases. Features such as taskbar notifications and support for Android Live Folders will be available soon as well as additional file type support, improved reading experience and full commenting.

Posterous App for Android 2

Download Posterous from Android Market using the following QR-Code or just search Posterous in Android Market:

Download Posterous App for Android

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