RetroArch, emulator for classic gaming systems, arrives on iOS and iPadOS

RetroArch, a popular emulator for a wide range of classic gaming systems, is now available on iPhone, iPad, and potentially even Apple TV.

RetroArch iOS

RetroArch isn’t just an emulator for one system; it’s a powerful all-in-one emulator that supports a vast library of classic consoles. With RetroArch on your iPhone, iPad, or potentially Apple TV, you can play games from:

  • Atari (2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar)
  • Commodore (64, Amiga)
  • Nintendo (DS, Game Boy, NES, SNES, Virtual Boy)
  • Sega (Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Saturn)
  • Sony (PlayStation 1, PlayStation Portable)
  • And many more!

Not only does RetroArch offer emulation for a massive range of consoles, but it’s also completely free and open-source. That means no ads, no hidden fees, and a constantly evolving app thanks to the dedicated developer community.

Getting started with RetroArch on iOS and iPadOS

It’s important to note that while RetroArch itself is available on the App Store, you’ll need to acquire the game files (ROMs) for the titles you want to play. Legally obtaining these ROMs is crucial, and there are resources available online that respect copyright laws.

Once you have your ROMs and RetroArch installed, configuring the app to recognize and run your games is a relatively straightforward process. There are plenty of online tutorials and guides available to walk you through the setup, ensuring a smooth transition into your retro gaming adventure.

RetroArch iOS

RetroArch features

On top of its impressive library support, RetroArch boasts a treasure trove of features to enhance your classic gaming experience:

  • Save States: Pick up right where you left off, even if you haven’t reached a designated save point in the game.
  • Cheats: Want a little nudge? RetroArch supports cheats for many games, making those notoriously difficult classics a bit more manageable.
  • Overlays and bezels: Customize the look and feel of your gameplay with on-screen overlays and bezels that replicate the classic consoles.
  • Fast forward/rewind: Stuck on a tricky level? Fast forward to breeze through or rewind to try that perfect jump again.
  • AI translations: Don’t let language barriers hold you back! RetroArch offers AI-powered translations for many games, opening up a world of retro titles you might not have experienced before.
  • RetroAchievements: Earn trophies and compete with other players on leaderboards to add a new layer of fun to your classic gaming adventures.

The arrival of RetroArch on iOS is a major win for retro gaming enthusiasts. It brings a vast library of classic titles to your Apple devices, offering a convenient and feature-rich way to experience the golden age of gaming.

While tvOS support is still under evaluation, the possibility of playing classic titles on your Apple TV is an exciting prospect.

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