Goodnotes 6 introduces Palette and Dynamic Ink for Apple Pencil Pro

Are you eagerly anticipating the Apple Pencil Pro? Wondering how you can maximize its potential in Goodnotes? Exciting news awaits you! Goodnotes has just released two exclusive features designed specifically for the new Apple Pencil Pro, alongside bonus features for all Goodnotes 6 users, available with iPadOS 17.5. These updates are set to elevate your note-taking experience to unprecedented levels.

Goodnotes Apple Pencil Pro

One of the standout features is the new Palette toolbar. This innovative floating toolbar can be summoned with a simple squeeze of the Apple Pencil Pro, appearing precisely where your pen tip is. This means you no longer have to reach to the top of the screen to switch tools or adjust settings, allowing for a more natural and uninterrupted workflow.


With Palette, you can effortlessly switch between different tools, such as the pen and highlighter, or adjust stroke color and thickness without lifting your palm off the screen. This streamlined process ensures you stay in the creative flow, making your note-taking more efficient and intuitive.

Goodnotes has also introduced Dynamic Ink for the Fountain Pen, a feature that takes advantage of the Apple Pencil Pro’s advanced capabilities. Dynamic Ink responds to the rotation of the Apple Pencil Pro, emulating the behavior of a real fountain pen. This means you can roll the barrel of the Apple Pencil Pro to exercise precise control over stroke thickness and shape. Additionally, you’ll see a stroke preview when hovering, allowing for greater accuracy before committing to a stroke.


This enhancement brings a new level of personalization and expression to digital writing, making your notes look and feel like they were written with an actual fountain pen.

Additional features for all users

Even if you don’t have the Apple Pencil Pro, Goodnotes 6 users can still benefit from the new stroke preview feature. This feature shows the stroke and placement of your pen, highlighter, or shape tool when your Apple Pencil is hovering, provided your device supports hover detection. Additionally, all users can now personalize the Fountain Pen with a new tip flatness adjustment option, adding another layer of customization to your digital handwriting experience.


To take advantage of these new features, ensure your device is running iPadOS 17.5 and you have the latest version of Goodnotes installed. These features are available to all Goodnotes users, with the full capabilities unlocked when using the Apple Pencil Pro.

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Goodnotes has hinted that even more exciting features are on the horizon. As the leading AI digital paper app used by millions worldwide, Goodnotes continues to innovate and expand its capabilities. Stay tuned for future updates that promise to make capturing and expressing your ideas easier than ever.

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