Westone UM2 Dual Driver True Fit Earphones


I’ve never been this much excited for a pair of earphones until I had these Westone UM2 dual-driver true fit earphones delivered at my doorstep. For those who have little or no clue whats so exciting about these little monsters should get some idea when I tell you that I’ve bought these high-end musician’s monitors for $299 from AudioVengeance.biz. Yes, that’s correct! This whopping price tag buys you a premium set of earphones built at the highest professional standards by Westone which are used by world renowned artists like Bryan Adams, Aero Smith, Madonna, Eminem and Metallica. Not enough? Check out the complete list of musicians who use Westone here.


Sensitivity: 119 dB SPL/mW

Frequency response: 20 Hz -18 kHz

Impedance: 27 ohms

Driver: Dual balanced armature drivers with a passive crossover

What’s included: Soft padded pouch, replaceable Comply™ foam tips, and wax loop for cleaning

Price: $420.00 ($299.00 at AudioVengeance.biz)



Westone UM2 dual-driver earphones come in an elegant packaging. The box is sleek and shiny and packs the high-end UM2s safely inside with a lid that covers the upper surface of the box which nicely reveals the inside contents once lifted. The best part about the packaging is that it actually makes you feel happy about paying good money for a premium product. During unboxing I came across not one but two quality control slips with date and initials. It felt good knowing that someone inspected my earphones before I had them shipped to me.


The package includes a pair of UM2 dual-driver true fit earphones, a semi-soft pouch which is padded from inside for durability and protection, a wax loop for cleaning and a set of compressible Comply™ foam tips that contains an extra pair of small, medium and large sized foam tips.



The UM2s feature twin audio drivers inside a transparent housing with 50″ stereo “Y” cord high-quality black braided cables. These run to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that can easily connect to any iPhone or iPod. The included gray colored ear foams are really comfy and once you get the right fit for your ear, you won’t even feel them on you giving you numerous hours of comfortable listening. Thanks to their ear-hugging shape, braided cable and smooth foam inserts, UM2s are definitely the most comfortable earphones I’ve ever tried.


The UM2s are also fully compatible with Westone UM56 Custom-Fit Earmolds designed to provide superior isolation and comfort. The zippered carrying case is also handy and nicely serves its purpose.



I am pretty much an audiophile and have tried several single-driver earphones ranging from cheaper Creative, Sony earbuds to more expensive Bose IE1 and then the slightly superior Shure E2c which I lost a while back. I really enjoyed my Shure E2c but once I put on these dual-driver Westone UM2s, well these tell a whole different story! Simply put, the UM2s are by far the most amazing earphones I’ve ever heard.


I listen to Trance, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and some pop music and I’m truly stunned by the sound produced by these dual balanced armature drivers. These earphones are actually so strong that I don’t even need to crank up my iPod’s volume to above 50% with its EQ set to “flat” and yet they produce the sound with amazing clarity and loudness. For me, the Bass is very important which in case of UM2 is absolutely perfect! Its strong, punchy, but never overpowering. The Mids and Highs are crisp, clean and provide a balance that many listeners would cherish for years.


The Westone UM2 dual-driver true fit earphones provide beautiful sound, extremely comfortable fit and perform exceptionally well with iPods without needing any external amp at all.




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