Save up to 40% on Belkin wireless chargers and docks

Save up to 60% off on Belkin wireless charging pads, docks, phone mounts, and wall chargers with these amazing deals. Belkin is one of the best brands for iPhone accessories, and these deals do not disappoint.

save 40 on belkin wireless chargers and docks

Belkin USB-C wall chargers

These USB-C wall chargers include 12W to 24W power delivery variants, with optional Lightning cables. The GaN charger specifically supports Power Delivery while being small in size and efficient.

Belkin iPhone mounts

These iPhone mounts can be used to mount your smartphone on various fitness equipment, or anywhere you can place MagSafe. The Face Tracking iPhone mount is especially useful if you use your smartphone often for video calls.

Belkin iPhone wireless charger and dock

These charging pads include single-purpose chargers that just charge an iPhone, as well as dual chargers that can charge both an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 model, you can wirelessly charge it with 10W or 15W chargers for faster speeds.

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