Sega Forever: collection of free classic games come to iOS and Android

Sega has released Sega Forever to bring its iconic characters from the 90s to iOS and Android. Sega Forever is a collection of classic games for smartphones which has launched with Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon and Phantasy Star II. The games are free with in-app advertisements. You can disable ads forever by making a $1.99 in-app purchase. For now, Sega Forever consists of five games but a new game will be added to the list every two weeks. 

All the games in the collection have offline play, Bluetooth controller support, leaderboards, cloud saves and other modern features. They also have iMessage sticker packs for iOS users. Sega says that multiplayer functionality will be added in the future because the company plans to introduce official emulations and ported games to Sega Forever.

Chief Marketing Officer and Development Lead, Mark Evans said that the collection will include all titles from popular consoles like SG 1000 Mark I, Game Gear, Genesis, Master System, Saturn and Dreamcast. As Sega expands the collection in time, it is likely that users will get to play all the classic titles on their smartphones. Evans also said that the company plans to add games to the list based on community feedback. A desktop version for Sega Forever is also in consideration. However, the features of desktop version may not be similar to the mobile version.

“My firm belief is if you’re going to do this and try and create something for the community, you have to involve the community.”

Although Sega exited the console industry nearly two decades ago, the company retains a lot of classic titles. It is no surprise that Sega is focusing on capitalizing with the re-intorduction of those titles with a modern touch.

Comix ZoneThe five launch titles are available on the App store and Google Play for free with in-app ads. According to my experience, you will be compelled to make that one time $1.99 purchase for the ads to disappear for good, get access to local game saves and play the games without Internet.

Download links:

Phantasy Star II: iOS | Android

Kid Chameleon: iOS | Android

Comix Zone: iOS | Android

Sonic the Hedgehog: iOS | Android

Altered Beast: iOS | Android

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