SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series [REVIEW]

Choosing the perfect accessory for your iPhone 4 totally depends on your own personal preference. For example, if you want a case that shows off your iPhone 4 as much as possible, you might go for the official Apple bumper, without considering the fact that it might get scratched up pretty bad as there is virtually no protection for the back glass. Or, you prefer to have it all covered and don’t care about all the bulk it adds to your slim & sexy iPhone 4, you might pick one of the many thick silicon / rubber cases out there. However, this one premium quality casing called the SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series brings you the best of both worlds i.e it adds virtually no bulk, yet gives maximum protection against bumps and scratches to your precious iPhone 4. Thanks to CaseAddict for sending us a review sample in Smooth White color!

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 1



• iPhone 4 Case with Matte UV Coating

• Strong and Durable Polycarbonate

• Smooth Matte Surface to Prevent Smudges and Fingerprints

• Slim Fit and Light Weight – Only 1/29″ Thickness

• Easy Acess to All Controls and Ports

• Steinheil Ultra Crystal iPhone 4 Screen Protector Film Included

• Apple Logo Protection Film Included

• Designed by SGP in California, USA

• Made by SGP in Korea

Available Colors:

Smooth White, Smooth Black, Champagne Gold, Gun Metal, Satin Silver

Box Contents:

SGP Ultra Thin Case x 1 PC

Steinheil Ultra Crystal Film x 1PC

Apple Logo Protection Film x 1PC

Microfiber Cloth x 1PC


£17.99 at CaseAddict (Premium SGP Reseller)

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 2


Before I even opened the box, I knew this was a high-quality product as the thin, clear plastic box showed exactly what I was gonna get out of it. Opening up the package revealed the high quality SGP Ultra Thin iPhone 4 Case in Smooth White along with some extra goodies i.e a propriety Steinheil Ultra Crystal screen protective film for the front glass, a small protection film for the rear to protect the Apple logo and a Microfiber cloth, all nicely placed inside the product manual. Interestingly, there’s one more thing!

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 3

Inside a little plastic sleeve, comes a pack of 10 Mini Lens Hoods. According to the manual, it dramatically reduces the light particles from diffused reflection of the LED flash entering the camera, which can slightly increase the contrast ratio. Wow! This is definitely the first one I’ve seen which actually helps to improve an element of your iPhone 4.

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 4


I’ve always liked bright cases for my iPhone 4 and was delighted to see a White one at my disposal. The Smooth White case has a matte finish which looks and feels very nice in your hands. It is made up of a high quality polycarbonate case with a matte UV coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints. The case is actually very thin, in fact, the thinnest I’ve come across so far and adds virtually no weight to your iPhone 4’s slim profile. The build quality is superior to many cases I’ve owned till now and fits perfectly on the iPhone 4 with easy access to all buttons and ports. The edges are nicely rounded and are very smooth to touch.

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 5

The inside of the case is lined with a thin black paper which says “Protection film for iPhone 4, Do not remove” which is quite sensible as it would protect the iPhone 4’s back glass from getting scratched while inside the case.

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 6

Once the iPhone 4 is inside the Ultra Thin case, it looks totally awesome. It fits snugly without leaving any room for unwanted movement inside the case. It feels great in your hands too. The mute switch and volume buttons are perfectly aligned and nicely molded to give comfortable access. All the ports are also easily accessible. The best part of all is the beautiful cut-out to show off the shiny Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 4.

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 7

As for the iPhone’s protection and durability of the case itself, the Ultra Thin case can easily withstand minor bumps and falls as well as resist blemishes and scratches with its matte UV coated polycarbonate shell. The included high-quality Steinheil front screen protector and an Apple logo protection film for the back simply seals the deal for the beautiful SGP case.

SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series 8


The SGP Ultra Thin Matte Series case is an awesome looking case which is slim yet highly durable that protects your iPhone 4 with great style!



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