Show your love for iPhone Apps – There’s a coaster for that

image If you’re an iPhone user and love it, then these coasters are just for you. Exact replicas of the icons found on the iPhone, these coasters are the perfect gift for an Apps lover. iPhone Apps Coasters offers these in three sets which include Core Apps, Home Apps and Media Apps. The renderings for these coasters have been taken from the icons in iPhone 1.1.4 firmware so you can be sure they’re authentic.

There’s even a feature list for these coasters on their website:

  • Genuine apps icons at crisp resolution
  • Hard wearing glossy heat-resistant surface
  • Non-slip cork backing (3mm deep) insulates surfaces
  • Rounded corners echo app icons
  • Apps, but coaster-sized!: 10cm x 10cm


If you’re gifting someone an iPhone or iPod Touch this holiday season, these would makes wonderful additions! The creators accept Paypal and you can buy the coasters here. 2 I wonder if they took permission from Apple before using their icon designs.

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