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Skype announced a new version of Skype for iPhone coming, very soon, that will support calls over 3G.

Skype for iPhone currently supports calls over Wi-Fi, which limits the useful functions of the Skype application, on the move. This morning, Peter Parkes from Skype that a 3G-capable version of the application is on its way, which will make Skype for the iPhone completely mobile!

The iPhone Skype team is also working on call quality, especially Skype to Skype calls, and they claims that it has been improved and will have near CD-quality sound. The application will still have the call quality indicator, green being good, yellow being normal, and red being bad, depending on your 3G coverage.

On a side not, Skype is also working on an application for the iPad:

Last Thursday, Apple introduced the iPad, which we’re very excited about here at Skype. David Ponsford … and his team are reviewing the device and its specs, and you can expect to hear more from us about Skype for iPad in due course.

What does this have to do with calling over 3G? The SDK (Software Development Kit) that Apple provides to developers like Skype has been upgraded for the iPad. The new version, 3.2, removes the restrictions on calling over 3G, which is great news.

You may have seen other apps offering calls over 3G, but we’re holding ours back for a little bit longer. Why? So that we can give you the very best audio quality we can. When our 3G-capable Skype for iPhone app is released, it’ll let you make calls in wideband audio, giving you greater clarity and fidelity – because that’s what you expect from Skype.

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