Snapchat gets new design and universal search with version 10 for iOS and Android

The popular camera app Snapchat has been updated to version 10 with a new look and universal search. The updated user interface is more fluid and has curved edges while the new search functionality helps users start quick chats with friends or in groups. 

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Camera mode

The app’s camera mode now has a search bar on the top of the user interface with the usual night vision, flash and camera swipe options on the right. Tapping on the search bar opens a new UI with Quick Chat, New friends, Groups and Contacts listings. From this interface, users can quickly start chats with existing friends or groups or add new friends via the Quick Add list.

Snapchat has also integrated Bitmoji avatars in search and also shows the user’s own avatar on the top left of the app. Tapping on the avatar displays options to change it by opening the Bitmoji app.

When you pull to refresh a section like chat or Stories, the top bar cycles through different colors before switching back to the default colors which makes for a cool effect.

Search and Selection in Memories

The latest design changes have also changed how Memories work. A new selection feature allows users to easily save, share, upload or delete photos, videos, and stories from Memories.

The top bar in Memories has a new search option and a selection icon on the right. On tapping the search Memories option, the app will open a new UI with users’s pictures, videos and stories categorized in different folders according to their content. Users can easily select pictures in different folders to share with friends, save in photos library, add to Snapchat story, move to My Eyes Only folder or delete them.

However, the auto-created Memories folders can not be renamed or edited. Sometimes, Snapchat does not adequately categorize Memories by incorrectly recognizing the objects inside photos or videos. There is no way to manually fix this.

The update is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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