Sophos Anti-Virus Brings Constant Virus Protection to Mac

Recently, a new Trojan virus for Mac was discovered. This virus, along with others apparently in the woodwork, show that hackers have taken notice of the increase in popularity of OS X, and are mobilizing on it. Sophos, makers of the anti-virus software Sophos Anti-Virus, have been tracking the trojan for a while now. Needless to say, this news had me reevaluating my current virus protection.

Prior to hearing of Sophos, I used VirusBarrier Express. VirusBarrier Express is a free anti-virus for Mac that offered scheduled scans. My biggest problem with it was the inability keep it running in the background. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is free, and offers round-the-clock protection, both from spreading Windows viruses and from Mac-specific ones. Sophos offers multiple configuration options, and is a great alternative to paid anti-virus programs.


What do you use to protect your computer? Leave a comment below!

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