Spotify updates Car Thing with new ‘Hey Spotify’ support, add to queue and more

Earlier this year, Spotify introduced the Car Thing device, a smart player that creates a personalized in-car listening experience irrespective of the automobile. Spotify has updated the device with new features to make that experience even better. However, the new features are only rolling out on iOS and will be available on Android at a later date.

Car Thing by Spotify

Here are all the new features added to the Car Thing device on iOS

Here are all the features available to Car Thing users.

  • Manage phone calls: Users can see, answer and dismiss incoming calls, seamlessly.
  • Control media: Now, Car Thing enables users to play and control other media and lets them easily switch back to Spotify by using voice, presets, or tapping on the screen.
  • Add songs and podcasts to the queue: Additional songs and podcasts can be added in two different ways: 
    • Tap on the “Add to queue” option next to a track.
    • Press and hold the dial when a track is highlighted.
  • View queue: Either command voice assistant or manually press the dial to view queue; “Say “Hey Spotify, open my queue” or press and keep holding the dial when in the “Now Playing” view.”
  •  With “Hey Spotify” support, users can command the voice assistant to request the track they like to listen to next.
  • Get personalized playlists for any mood: ask the voice assistant to play tracks from any genre. Simply say, “Hey Spotify, play cozy Sunday RnB,” and we’ll do our best to instantly create a personalized playlist from your request. *This feature is available in regions where “Hey Spotify” is available.

spotify car thing

Car Thing is available for $89.99 and requires a Spotify Premium subscription plan with a phone with an active data plan.

Car Thing makes it simpler to play exactly what you want, thanks to the intuitive product interface and the ease of using “Hey Spotify” to control what you want to listen to.

But there’s always room to make a great thing even better, which is why Car Thing has some new updates rolling out this week.

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