Spotify Music Service is coming to the US Soon!

Spotify, the online music service, is coming to the US after a long awaited release. The service lets you stream music via the internet, via a free or an ad-free paid account, that gives you access to high quality music and access via mobile devices.

Spotify Music Service is coming to the US Soon!

Going to the Spotify website redirects you to their US landing page, asking users to sign up to receive an invite when the service is ready for release. The Spotify release in the US has been blocked by the licensing feats needed in order to release the service. It has existed in Europe for a while now, and we Americans have been jealous. Spotify has also had problems, dealing with iTunes, Google Music and Amazon Music as well.

Prices are not yet published for subscriptions, but we are guessing it will be close to $15-$20 per month. They will offer a free service, that will have ads and most likely a time limit on how much music you can play per month. Now, iTunes Cloud will be under some pressure to introduce a subscription based product as well, in fear of losing many customers to Spotify.

Go here to sign up for your own invite and learn more about the service.

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