Steve Jobs’ former assistant talks about what she learnt from him

Steve Jobs’ former assistant from back in 2000, Naz Beheshti, has spoken about how she learned about wellness from her former boss and that there are some misconceptions about him being a tough boss and a workaholic. Naz is currently a wellness coach, and just wrote a book titled “Pause. Breathe. Choose: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being”, in which she mentioned that Steve Jobs taught her how being in control of your well-being was as important as being the CEO of your company.

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Steve Jobs prioritized health and well-being as per former assistant

Behehsti spoke to CNBC about Steve Jobs and shared how Steve Jobs was more than just a workaholic.

“There has been a big misconception about him that he was a workaholic and that he was really tough to work with,”

Jobs had made it a point to focus on his well-being which would give him the energy and clarify to focus on building Apple towards a successful future. When Jobs had joined Apple in 1997, the company was not in great shape and it was his leadership that put the company on the right path.

As per Behehsti, Jobs used to eat really healthy and mediated daily. He also had a habit of physical activity by exercising daily, especially by taking long walks. She adds that he was not health conscious when she started working for him, but developed the habit. Behehsti learned from Steve that you need to work on all aspects of your life, including health and wellness, rather than just your work life. That’s how she realized that happiness and well-being are intricately connected to a person’s success, hence the title of her book “Pause. Breathe. Choose: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being”.

In her book, Behehsti writes:

“He was the first person who showed me, up close and personally, what it meant to be the CEO of your well-being as well as the chief executive of a company,” she writes. “He truly embodied both.”

The book is available now on Amazon for purchase.

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