Apple announces Tech Talks 2021 online sessions for developers to engage with the company

Apple has announced Tech Talks 2021, a series of more than 100 sessions and 1,500 office hours which will allow developers to interact with experts from the company and receive support for building their apps and games. The sessions will be focused on new Apple technologies, and allow developers to ask questions and be involved in one-on-one engagements with experts. Tech Talks 2021 will start from October 25 and continue until December 17.

These online sessions will also let developers share feedback directly with Apple’s team regarding their experiences in building apps and distributing them on the App Store. It sounds a bit like a WWDC which is held for the purpose of engagement with developers, along with the announcement of new technologies and software.

Apple Tech Talks 2021

Apple Tech Talks 2021

To connect with developers all over the world, Apple will conduct the sessions in different time zones. Each session will consist of a live presentation, followed by a Q&A. As per Apple, these sessions will feature in-depth technical details for all the different technologies that developers use to build their apps for the company’s platforms.

Sessions will be conducted online from Apple locations around the world in multiple time zones, including Bengaluru, India; Cupertino, California; London; Mexico City; São Paulo; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai; Singapore; Sydney; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Tokyo. Each session includes a live presentation from Apple experts followed by a Q&A. Developers can get in-depth technical details on integrating SwiftUI, App Clips, HealthKit, machine learning, augmented reality, accessibility features, and more. They can also explore a variety of other development topics, including adopting 5G, publishing in-app events on the App Store, getting the most out of the App Review process, and getting started with enterprise development.

The free Tech Talks 2021 sessions will feature Apple team members from App Review, Evangelism, App Store Connect, and Developer Technical Support, all of which can be engaged for one-on-one sessions. While the sessions are free, they will only be open to registered Apple Developer Program and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program members.

Developers will have to submit office hour requests for one-on-one sessions with the Apple team. For this purpose, Apple has created a detailed events schedule where developers can request online sessions with the different Apple teams. The sessions will be delivered in English for now but will be redelivered in other languages later this year.

This is a unique initiative for Apple that will span over two months so if you are a developer, make sure to sign up on Apple Developer website.

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