Tesla EVs might get AirPlay support in near future

In a recent development, Tesla appears to be laying the groundwork for incorporating Apple’s wireless audio technology, AirPlay, into their electric vehicles (EVs). While Apple CarPlay may not be on the horizon for Tesla, the inclusion of AirPlay would be a significant step towards seamless audio integration with iPhones. With indications from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and discoveries within the Tesla iPhone app, there are strong signs that AirPlay support could be coming to Tesla EVs soon.

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Tesla app hints at AirPlay integration

Over a year ago, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of adding AirPlay support to Tesla vehicles, specifically mentioning enhancements in wireless audio quality for iPhone music. Although the feature is yet to be released, an intriguing reference within the latest version of the Tesla iPhone app suggests that Tesla’s audio engineering team is actively working on AirPlay integration. The reference “allowsAirPlayForMediaPlayback” discovered by @Tesla_iOS_App on Twitter strengthens the possibility of Tesla EVs offering wifi-based audio streaming through AirPlay.

Version 4.23 of the Tesla app for iOS introduces a refreshed and compact Tesla app logo, along with several noteworthy updates. The changelog reveals enhancements to the reset profile settings menu, improved in-app maintenance records, convenient quick links for roadside assistance, adjustments to the referral program, and a range of minor improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations. These changes aim to provide Tesla app users with a more streamlined and efficient experience while utilizing the app’s features.

Apple’s AirPlay technology underwent a significant overhaul a few years ago, enabling high-quality audio playback of up to 24-bit/48kHz over wifi. By incorporating AirPlay support, Tesla EVs could not only provide exceptional audio fidelity but also facilitate seamless audio streaming from iPhones to the vehicle’s sound system without the need for Bluetooth pairing. This functionality would enhance the overall user experience for both drivers and passengers, allowing them to effortlessly stream their favorite music and podcasts while on the go.


Considering Elon Musk’s positive signals about AirPlay support, coupled with the evident groundwork being laid by Tesla’s audio engineering team, it appears plausible that AirPlay could find its way into Tesla EVs in the near future. While this development may not be the much-anticipated Apple CarPlay integration, it represents a significant step toward the next-best solution for Tesla owners. 

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