Tesla launches new ‘Automatic 911 Calls’ feature to take safety to the next level

Tesla recently announced a new feature in their 2023 Holiday Update that will allow their vehicles to automatically call 911 in the event of a crash that triggers the airbags. This feature is intended to help get emergency services to the scene as quickly as possible, potentially saving lives.


Tesla’s 2023 Holiday Update brings Automatic 911 Calls and more entertainment with Apple Podcasts

This holiday season, the 2023 Holiday Update unwraps a gift basket full of new features designed to make every drive safer, more entertaining, and more convenient in a Tesla.

Peace of Mind with Automatic 911 Calls

The standout feature of this update is undoubtedly the ‘Automatic 911 Calls’. If you’re in an accident, your Tesla airbags deploy, and you are automatically connected with emergency services to ensure that help arrives quickly. This potentially life-saving feature gives you peace of mind, knowing that your car is looking out for you in case of a crash.

Entertainment on wheels with Apple Podcasts

Let’s discuss entertainment. With the 2023 Holiday Update, you can listen to Apple Podcasts directly on your Tesla’s touchscreen. This means you no longer have to fumble with your phone while driving. Whether you enjoy true crime, comedy, or insightful discussions, you’ll have access to a wide range of podcasts to keep you entertained on your journey.

Tesla with Apple Podcasts

More than just a drive

But that’s not all! This update also includes a slew of features to enhance your driving experience:

  • Clearer audio for rear passengers: Enjoy crystal-clear audio with the new rear-screen Bluetooth headset support.
  • Park like a pro: The updated park assistance system comes equipped with 3D visuals for a more precise and confident parking experience.
  • Enhanced safety: Stay vigilant on the road with the new blind spot indicators, ensuring you’re aware of your surroundings at all times.

A gift that keeps on giving for Tesla owners

The 2023 Holiday Update is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and user experience. Not only does it prioritize safety with features like Automatic 911 Calling, but it also elevates your entertainment with the addition of Apple Podcasts.

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