The History of iPhone from 2007 to Now [Infographic]

Its been just a few days since iPhone 4 launched. The launch has been quiet successful, although some issues are being reported with iPhone 4. Despite that, it is the best smartphone ever designed. It has cool new features like FaceTime and iMovie which were not there in previous generations of iPhoneApple sold about 1.5 million iPhone 4 handsets on the first day of sales (estimate) and really these are impressive figures.

The story of iPhone began in January 2007 when Steve Jobs first announced it. Then it was launched in June 2007 and it absolutely changed the world of smartphones. Since then those who use iPhone, they can not go back to any other phone because it has an app for almost everything.

So if you don’t know about the history of iPhone take a stroll down this gadget-themed memory lane shared by mashable. It shows the full story of development of iPhone from the beginning to this moment.

history of iPhone

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