Apple CEO Tim Cook partners with Porsche to unveil Taycan Turbo GT and Vision Pro race app

Porsche, renowned for its engineering excellence, recently launched the Taycan Turbo GT. However, what truly turned heads during the premiere wasn’t just the vehicle itself, but the unexpected appearance of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and the revelation of the innovative Vision Pro race engineer cockpit app.

Vision Pro Porsche

Porsche and Apple unveil groundbreaking Vision Pro app for race engineers

The Taycan Turbo GT marks a significant milestone for Porsche, being hailed as its most powerful production car to date. Setting new records at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca, the automobile manufacturer demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance. Alongside this achievement, Porsche unveiled its custom race engineer cockpit app tailored for the Vision Pro headset.

Vision Pro Porsche

Apple’s involvement in the premiere was more than just a cameo. Tim Cook’s appearance emphasized the longstanding partnership between Apple and Porsche, dating back to the integration of Apple CarPlay into Porsche vehicles. The collaboration has consistently evolved, with Porsche being among the first to adopt and integrate Apple technologies into its vehicles. Tim Cook made the following comments in the announcement video:

Good morning, Oliver. Congratulations to you and the Porsche team on the new record you’ve set with this incredible new vehicle.

It’s these kinds of extraordinary milestones that show the world what can happen when a team of incredibly dedicated people come together to break new ground on a big idea. Porsche has always been known for excellence, and we’re proud to see a number of our products play a role in what you do. And it’s so great to see Apple Vision Pro helping reimagine track experiences.

I believe deeply that spatial computing has the potential to revolutionize virtually every industry, and you’re showing one of the many ways Apple Vision Pro is going to make the impossible possible.

The Vision Pro race engineer cockpit app showcased during the premiere represents a convergence of German engineering and Apple’s innovative product ecosystem. This app provides users with a comprehensive view of the track, including different camera feeds from the car and a detailed 3D model of the circuit. Cook praised the app for its ability to reimagine track experiences, emphasizing the transformative potential of spatial computing across industries.

As the partnership between both companies continues to evolve, there are promises of further integration and surprises in store. With Porsche’s commitment to innovation and Apple’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries, the future holds limitless possibilities for enhancing the driving experience.

Check out the full video below:

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