Apple CEO Tim Cook testimony: “Epic’s actions were malicious”

This week Epic Games vs. Apple trial will end with CEO Tim Cook’s testimony. So far, Mr. Cook has reiterated much of what has already been discussed about company investment in R&D, iOS App Store security, distribution, payment methods, and more. In addition, when asked directly about the decision to remove the Epic Games developer account and Fortnite app from the digital marketplace, Mr. Cook said he agreed with the decision for Epic’s actions were “malicious.”

The senior executive is referring to the unauthorized 20% discount update pushed by Epic Games on the Fortnite app in 2020. The controversial update violated the App Store’s rule by introducing a direct payment method for users to purchase V-Bucks and other items. In the aftermath, Apple not only removed the Fortnite app but also terminated the Epic Games developer account and the legal battle between the two companies began.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook testimony – Despite Epic’s actions, Apple was ready to welcome the developer back because of users and not money

When Epic’s lawyer questioned Mr.Cook on Apple’s August 2020 decision, he put the responsibility of ban from the App Store on Epic and mentioned that the company was ready to welcome the developer back without the controversial update, of course.

Epic’s lawyer further questioned if the returned offer was made because of Fortnite’s profitability, quoting Apple Fellow Phil Schiller’s statement that in the light of events the “only viable option for Apple was to cease doing business with Epic”. In response, Cook clarified that the case was never about “Money” and only about “users.” As reported by @leah_nylen, he said:

“If Epic were the bad actor Schiller claims, it wouldn’t be to the benefit of users, Bornstein said. “Users are caught between two companies here. We aren’t thinking about the money at all. We’re thinking about the user.

We always put the user at the center of everything we do. It has nothing to do with money.”

CEO Tim Cook’s testimony is ongoing and it is expected to continue for hours. Stay tuned to iThinkDifferent for updates of Epic Games vs. Apple antitrust court case.

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