Transform Your iPhone & iPad Into True Gamepads With These ‘Stick-On Buttons’

iPhone and iPad provide us with one of the best handheld gaming platforms available today. Even though its convenient enough to play on these capcitative touch based iOS devices but some times it may get a bit annoying. With these cool new ‘Tactile+ Stickers’ from a Japanese manufacturer you can get a pretty good physical feel of where the virtual buttons on an iPhone or iPad are, especially while playing some intense action games.


This can actually be a blessing for a lot of hard core gamers out there as you can even feel the bumps on the stickers when you fire or punch away in games that support the vibrate feature. Priced only at around $7, these Tactile+ Stickers can be ordered online here.

It’s not yet known that how long will these stickers last and if they can be re-used once they are removed. Nonetheless, since we’re all pretty sure that Apple won’t ever make an actual gamepad or adapter for iPhone or iPad, we think it won’t harm to pick up a pair of these and give them a shot. Tell us what you think about these in the comments section below.

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[via Gadget Lab]

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