Uber now offers CarPlay support for drivers in the U.S.

The popular ride-hailing service, Uber has released CarPlay support for its drivers in the United States. Now, Uber drivers with an iPhone can use their smartphones safely on the road. 

Apple offers CarPlay service for iOS users to smartly and safely use their iPhones while driving through the infotainment systems or built-in displays in their vehicles. Users can make and receive calls, view directions, play music, send and receive messages, customize the CarPlay dashboard, and much more with touch, knobs, controls, or Siri. 

CarPlay- Polestar 2

Uber app for drivers supports CarPlay for road safety while driving

TechCrunch obtained the company’s email sent to drivers which stated that Uber was rolling out support CarPlay in the United States and all drivers would have access to the service by the end of February.

The new feature is likely to improve drivers’ experience while on the job. They will be able to view the directions and the app’s features on a larger screen and would not have to jeopardize their and passengers’ safety on the road constantly looking at their iPhone screens.

Integrating the Uber driver app into CarPlay means drivers won’t have to switch between their phone and the screen, or between apps, to be able to view and accept trips, navigate and add rides to their queue.

It’ll also benefit drivers by giving them access to a bigger screen, which will make it easier to view features of Uber’s navigation system, including heat maps where demand is high, more routes and the sides of streets.


The report explains that Uber has instructed the drivers to take the following steps to connect the Uber driver app to CarPlay:

  • Open the app on your iPhone and tap Go to go online.
  • Connect your iPhone to your car via cable or wirelessly.
  • Once connected, open CarPlay, and there you go!

Currently, the service supports the following apps:

  • Audiobooks
  • News+
  • Podcasts
  • Amazon Music
  • Audible
  • Audiobooks.com
  • CBS Radio
  • ChargePoint
  • Downcast
  • Dunkin
  • iHeartRadio
  • LINE
  • LiveXLive
  • MLB
  • NPR One
  • Overcast
  • Pandora
  • Panera Bread
  • PlugShare
  • SiriusXM Radio
  • SpotHero
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • Tidal
  • VOX
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube Music

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