Updated Gmail for Mobile Safari feels like a Native App with its new features

Most iPhone and iPod touch users would have noticed some changed in Gmail while visiting it from Mobile Safari. On Wednesday, Google rolled out an update to Gmail(mobile) for iPhone and iPod touch. The two major changes in this new update are that it has faster scrolling now and its navigation toolbar stays on the top of the screen when you scroll through your mail.


The first improvement bring snappier scrolling which reflects the speed of the users swipe gesture. It will help users while they are in long conversations so with a quick little flick they will be able to navigate smoothly through their emails. While in the other update, the toolbar remains on the top of the screen while the users scroll down the page which helps users to access the toolbar anytime easily without scrolling up.

These new features make the Gmail web app feel more like a native app. All users using iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or higher can see these changes. You can also add a shortcut to Gmail to your iOS home screen by clicking “+” button at the bottom of the Safari and selecting “Add to Home Screen.”

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