vBulletin Owned License Twitter giveaway!


Hey everyone, I just want to give one lucky twitter user a vBulletin Lifetime License.

Disclaimer: I bought this license last summer, and I’m not using it, though under my name, I can change everything. Once the update license ends, you can leave your vBulletin without updating it, or you can buy the update license for $40 within 60 days of expiry date, or for $60 after the 60 days period.


1. You have to be 13 years and older.

2. Mention this in your tweet: “ithinkdiff.com giveaway! http://bit.ly/itdvbulletin” and mention why you want a vbulletin license.

3. You can enter as much as you’d like, the more you tweet, the more chance you get to win the license.


The contest will end on the Sunday 14th February 12:00 PM GMT. Sunday 28th February 12:00 PM GMT Sunday March 7 12:00 PM GMT.

Update 1:
250 entries are needed for a winner to be drawn.

About the Author

Eddie is one heck of a technology lover. He likes everything that catches his eye. He first loved technology when he got his GameBoy console!


  1. I would be very happy to have the vbulletin software.I want to open a blog to help others.It would be of great use to me.
    With best regards

  2. Hi! Im from Turkey. We are building a WWE Website and we need a good forum system like vb but we are all students and their prices are too expensive and we cant afford that. It would be great for us if we could use vb as forum system. thank you!

  3. Wow, sounds very interesting,,, i’m excited for this liftime license giveaway…

    Pleaseee, hope i win…

  4. Hi my name is sven and me is new to this wonderfull forum.
    now my question : anyone knows how to obtain a static ip ( ipv4) from Japan for personal use. a whole block would be nice. thank you for your attention.

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