On Veterans day, Apple shares the T6 iPad app’s revolutionary use in treating trauma patients

In celebration of Veterans Day, Apple shares the development story of the revolutionary T6 iPad app. The iPad exclusive app was designed to provide cutting-edge technology to medical professionals to get real-time feedback as they administer life-saving trauma care. Co-founder of the T6 iPad app, Trauma surgeon Dr. Morad Hameed drew on the history of military trauma medicine for the app’s development.

Getting its name from the concept of the “golden hour” learned from the battlefield, a 6 hours window after a traumatic injury to get the best outcome of medical intervention, “T6 allows medical teams to input and analyze patient data in real-time through iPad.”

T6 iPad app

T6 iPad app allows military teams and medics to carry lifesaving real-time communication in administering trauma care

Exclusively designed for trauma treatment, the T6 iPad app is useful in hospital and field settings.

  • In a hospital setting, data such as vitals and injury details are entered into the app and displayed on a large screen for the entire trauma team to see, along with standard-of-care guidelines and alerts.
  • In the field, whether that’s in an ambulance or medical helicopter, or if T6 is being used by a military team or medic, the iPad app will allow real-time virtual communication between the person administering care and a trauma team in another location.

Apple - T6 iPad app

Vice President of surgery for Northwell Health, NY, and a veteran, Nathan Christopherson introduced the T6 app into Northwell’s emergency care which became the first civilian healthcare provider in the United States to use the tech. He said:

“One of the most important parts of trauma care is how a patient moves through a medical system. In the military, that’s going from managing the situation in the field, to transport, to arrival at a combat support hospital, and then onward — and one of the keys to optimizing that journey is the communication of data. We’ve taken those lessons and applied them to the civilian world, and T6 is a big part of helping us with that.”

Christopherson believes that the future of medical care is to implement the technology in different parts of patient care, moving it from Level I trauma centers to  Level IIs and IIIs as well for seamless transfer of data from point to point. To commemorate Veterans Day, Apple also announced Apple Watch Activity Challenge for November 11 to earn Veterans Day awards.

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