watchOS 11 announced – New Training Mode, Vitals app, and interactive widgets

Apple officially unveiled watchOS 11, the latest iteration of its smartwatch platform, during WWDC 2024 alongside iOS 18, iPadOS 18, visionOS 2, and macOS Sequoia

watchOS 11 introduces several new features to enhance health, fitness, and convenience. Highlights include Training Mode for detailed workout insights, the Vitals app for tracking key health metrics, and enhanced safety features for workout monitoring. Users can also pause Activity Rings, set custom daily goals, and enjoy a redesigned Photos watch face. Additionally, interactive widgets and expanded Double Tap functionality improve the hands-free experience.

watchOS 11

watchOS 11 features

“watchOS is the world’s most advanced wearable operating system, supporting Apple Watch users throughout their day to stay healthy, active, and connected,” said David Clark, Apple’s senior director of watchOS Engineering. “This fall, watchOS 11 makes Apple Watch an even more essential companion by offering users additional actionable insights into their health and fitness, more personalization to fit their unique needs, and new ways to stay connected while on the go.”

New health and fitness features

Training Mode

A standout feature in watchOS 11 is the new Training Mode, designed to optimize workout routines by analyzing personal data and metrics. This mode evaluates the intensity and duration of workouts to provide insights on how these factors impact your body over time. Users can also include an “effort rating” for workouts, offering a comprehensive view of their training load and recommendations on whether to intensify or ease up their routines.

training mode watchos 11

Activity Ring improvements

A highly anticipated update allows users to pause their Activity Rings, preventing streaks from breaking due to illness or injury. Users can also customize their Activity Ring goals based on the day of the week, providing flexibility and a more personalized fitness experience.

watchos 11 activity rings

Vitals app

The introduction of the Vitals app offers a consolidated view of essential health metrics such as heart rate. This app not only tracks these metrics over time but also alerts users when values fall outside their typical range, providing tailored health insights.

watchos11 vitals app

Cycle tracking and pregnancy features

watchOS 11 includes advanced cycle tracking features for pregnancy, offering insights into gestational age and highlighting when key health metrics deviate from normal ranges.

watchOS 11 pregnancy

New safety and convenience features

Live Activities and Smart Stack enhancements

Live Activities are now supported on Apple Watch, providing real-time updates on various events like sports scores or Uber arrival times directly from the watch face. The Smart Stack feature is enhanced to surface contextual widgets such as translation or weather updates when needed.

watchOS 11 smart stack

Safety features

New safety features allow friends to monitor your location during late-night runs or workouts with Check In, offering peace of mind and added security.

watchOS 11 check in

Double Tap API

The Double Tap feature, previously limited to Apple’s own apps, is now available to third-party developers. This feature allows users to interact with apps using a double tap of their thumb and forefinger, enhancing the hands-free experience.

Redesigned User Interface

Photos watch face

The Photos watch face receives a significant revamp, using machine learning to curate and display the best photos from your library, complemented by dynamic font and color adjustments.

Interactive widgets

Building on last year’s introduction of widgets, watchOS 11 makes these widgets interactive, enabling actions like controlling smart home devices directly from the watch.

Compatibility and availability

watchOS 11 will be available to developers starting today, with a public beta expected in July. The official release is anticipated in September, likely alongside the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 10.

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