WatchOS 2 list of native third party apps with support for complications

WatchOS 2 is out and the most awaited update for both developers and users alike, was third party native apps and complications. With apps getting full sensor support for taptic engine, heart rate monitor and even digital crown, amongst many other features, Apple Watch is all set to be a smarter watch.

WatchOS 2 apps

We have compiled a list of apps to help you get the most out of WatchOS 2. These apps will not only perform faster, they will have more functionality including integration with watchfaces via complications as well as more access to the Watch’s hardware. Once you have installed WatchOS 2, give these apps a try.

WatchOS 2 apps with support for complications

The Weather Channel – a highly detailed weather app. free

The Weather Channel WatchOS 2 app with complications

Lifesum – health and fitness tracking app. free

Lifesum WatchOS 2 app with complications

Dark Sky – provides advanced alerts for conditions. Complications can be set for automatic alerts. $3.99

Dark Sky WatchOS 2 app with complications

WebMD – complication shows alerts for next medication. Also supports Time Travel. free

webmd WatchOS 2 app with complications

Citymapper – the popular realtime transit app gets complications support. free

Citymapper WatchOS 2 app with complications

Carrot Weather – get funny weather forecasts in your watch face complications. $3.99

Carrot Weather WatchOS 2 app with complications

Dataman Pro and Dataman Next – check your remaining cellular data right from your watch face with complication support. $1.99 and $5.99 respectively
Dataman WatchOS 2 app with complications

Microsoft Outlook – full featured email app by Microsoft with complications for emails and calendar appointments. free

Outlook WatchOS 2 app with complications


Microsoft Translator – free

Guardian – news app – free

Star Walk 2 – star gazing app – $2.99

PCalc – calculator for professionals – $9.99

The Night Sky – another star gazing app – $0.99

Apps demoed during Apple’s September 9 event like Facebook Messenger and GoPro for WatchOS 2 are not updated yet. We will add them to this list when the updated hit the App Store.

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